Water leaks can cost you a lot of money if left unchecked. Aside from the increase in your high water bill, there is an untold amount of damage that can occur as a direct result of the leak. At Line Locators our goal is to help you prevent a small leak from turning into a much larger problem.

Have you noticed an increase in your High water bill, but can’t attribute it to a change of personal water usage, or a Water Leak Detection company rate hike? Maybe you’ve noticed recent water damage that you thought might be due to a leaking roof, but it hasn’t rained in several weeks. You might have a swimming pool that you’re having to continuously fill or a lawn with a permanent puddle residing in one part of it. These can all be indicators of an unseen water leak.

There are a number of different circumstances that can cause a water leak. Growing tree roots, shifting soil, and burrowing animals can all force pipes move, sag, and break. Another cause may simply be age. Water pipes can naturally corrode and crack over time.

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If you suspect you have a water leak, there’s a relatively simple way you can check for yourself. It cannot locate the water leak, but it may confirm your suspicions. First, make sure all faucets are turned off and no appliances that require water are being used. Also make sure that nothing controlled by an automatic timer, such as a sprinkler system, is currently operating or will come on any time soon. Next, locate your water meter. It will usually be found on the ground in your front yard under a rectangular cover marked ‘water’. Underneath the cover, you will find a counter that looks similar to the odometer in your car. Some water meters have a device called a leak indicator, which is a small, red triangle. If your meter has one, and it’s turning at that point, you have a leak. If it’s not equipped with a leak indicator, write down the number the meter is currently displaying. Now, go about your day and let as much time as possible pass, preferably several hours. Return to the meter and recheck the numbers on the counter. If they have changed, and you’re certain no water has been used accidentally (a running toilet for example), then you have a water leak. Please remember, this will not confirm that you DON’T have a leak, which might simply be too small to have been detected this way. It does, however, give you a way to investigate for yourself. Don’t forget to put your meter lid back on. If at any point you feel like you’re in over your head, call the professionals, that’s why we’re here.

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Accurately finding a water leak requires skill and high-quality equipment. Line Locators technicians use state-of-the-art technology, and they have advanced training and experience to properly employ it. We will locate the leak fast and with pinpoint accuracy so you can confidently determine how to move forward in the repair process. Contact us for a free estimate.