Knowing the location of underground cables is critical during the planning stage of any type of construction project. At Line Locators, we can locate any type of underground cable with a very high degree of accuracy so you can plan with confidence.

Every property is crisscrossed with a labyrinth of underground cables. Phone lines, coaxial cables, buried cable and fiber optic lines, to name only a few. That’s just the communication network, don’t forget about the power grid. Many neighborhoods have their electrical lines buried underground as well.

When you’re planning any type of excavation you need to know what’s going on beneath the surface. Even digging a post hole in your backyard poses safety risks, not just the potential interruption of your utility services. Accidentally striking a power line can cause electrical shock or worse. Utility cable locator offers you peace of mind when tackling any type of excavation, no matter how small. We give you peace of mind and enable you to begin your project with a much higher degree of safety.

Line Locators Use Modern Technology for Underground Cable Locating

Line Locators uses the most modern technology available in the industry. Then we combine it with tried-and-tested methods of underground cable locator. This enables us to find every type of cable that you might encounter during your project, regardless of the material it’s made from.

Two of the most common methods for finding buried cables constructed of metal are called Passive Location and Active Location. Passive location is used to find electric utility cables. The technician uses what’s referred to as a receiver to detect the magnetic field generated by the electricity passing through the cable. This method only works if there is a current present, otherwise we employ Active Location. The principle is the same, but the magnetic field is artificially generated. A generator sends electricity through the cable at which time a receiver can be used to determine its location.

Use An Underground Cable Locator To Find Buried Cable

Finding buried cables that are not metallic, such as fiber optic lines, requires a different form of underground locating. The primary method we use is referred to as GPR, or ground penetrating radar. The basic principle is to send radio waves into the ground which then bounce off of any buried object, much the same way that weather radar works. That seems simple enough, but here comes the difficult part. The image that is produced by this process then has to be interpreted by a trained underground cable locator professional. This is where our technicians come in. They have the experience and knowledge to tell the difference between, for example, a cable and a tree root.

Contact Line Locator for Underground Cable Locating

The techniques and technology for locating underground cable appear straightforward at the surface. The principals involved are fairly easy to understand, but as soon as you start digging down you find there is a great deal of skill and experience required to properly use them. The people at Line Locators have the expertise to help ensure your project moves ahead safely and efficiently. We also offer location service for a buried cable locator, sewer line, gas line, water pipes, and anything else that might be buried in the ground. Contact us today for a free estimate.