• Line Locators, Inc. will, at all times, make every effort to accurately locate your leak and ensure your satisfaction using state of the art leak locating equipment. However, leak detection is not an exact science and consequently, due to factors known and unknown involved in locating leaks, there may be times when the location of the leak is incorrectly identified.

    Most leaks will be located within several inches of their exact location, but this can vary to within several feet depending on soil conditions, construction methods, and other factors, known and unknown. If your licensed plumber is digging a site we marked, and the leak is not in the area, you agree to call us for a return trip. The return trip is free of cost to you if a different leak location is determined to be more than 6 feet from the original spot marked. Line Locators, Inc. will not be responsible, financially or otherwise, for the possible inaccurate location of leaks due to the aforementioned known and unknown factors.

    Line Locators, Inc. will need access to any and all buildings, units and piping that are in question. The unit or buildings that are being tested will not be able to use any water during the leak detection. If the leak detection cannot be completed due to any of the following: not having access to a unit or building, a unit running water during testing, and/or a tenant that is not cooperative, the original leak detection fee will be charged for the technician's time on the job. If service is canceled at the time, we arrive at a job site, a $150 service call fee will be charged; same is true for a no-show by you. While performing leak detection tests, our technician may need to disconnect toilets, turn off supply line valves, isolation valves, water heaters, etc. In some cases, where these items have not been touched or manipulated in a long time, they may break and/or begin to leak. In order for us to find and/or confirm some leaks, it may be necessary for our technicians to cut holes in walls, pull back carpeting, etc. We will seek approval before making any such modifications.

    Our technicians may need to insert video cameras, inflatable test balls, line tracing devices and various other pieces of equipment into the sewer/waste lines in order to determine the location of the lines and leaks that may exist therein. These pieces of equipment could get lodged in a line and need to be retrieved by digging up or cutting the line. Any of these techniques will be necessary for us to be able to perform our tasks. Line Locators, Inc. will not be responsible for any collateral damage to property such as flooding, toilets and their components, shut off valves, water heaters, sheetrock, carpeting, etc., or for items getting lodged in lines. Line Locators, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the replacement cost thereof. It is very important that the system is rechecked after repairs have been completed.

    Line Locators, Inc. cannot guarantee that additional leaks do not exist and that the identified leaks will not reoccur. Should a rare situation occur that we couldn't locate a leak that is confirmed to exist, we will attempt to provide you with the best alternatives to resolve the situation. If our technician believes a second area could have a leak, we may suggest repair of the first site, then if the leak is still occurring, repairing the second site. This case is atypical, but it can happen. A minimum charge of $150 will be charged for each return trip to site to recheck. In order for us to test the sewer and waste lines, the clean-out of the mainline must be accessible to the technician and his equipment. Line Locators, Inc. will not be responsible for any damage to grass, trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, etc. that have to be removed or cut away in order to get access to the clean out and perform the test. If excavation to expose a buried clean-out or the main sewer line is necessary, we will use the utmost care. However, Line Locators, Inc. will not be responsible for any damage to soft/hardscapes or utilities (unless clearly marked) and such. If we need access to a sewer line from a vent line on the roof of a structure, we will not be responsible for any damage to the roof.

    Special Note about Sleeves: When a water or gas line is in a sleeve (a pipe inside another pipe), the leak location will be masked, distorted or the sound will be thrown from its actual leak site. There are other leak detection techniques that may be used to help verify the leak location when a sleeve is in place. We will try non-destructive techniques first. Cutting the pipe for access may be an option; this will be discussed with you prior to any cutting. If you decide to approve further leak detection, regardless of which technique is used, the extra time on site will be billed as an extra cost.

    By signing below, you acknowledge you have read and understand these conditions applicable to the work to be performed If you choose to submit the invoice to your insurance company and they do not pay us, you understand that you are ultimately responsible for the payment. Payment in full is due by the due date on the invoice. If payment is not received by such date, you agree to pay reasonable charges for collection including finance charges in the amount of 1.75% per month and/or to pay reasonable charges for collection and/or attorney's fees. In the event of default (payment not received within 90 days of the invoice date) Line Locators, Inc. may exercise its right to place a mechanic's lien on the property.

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