Things You Should Know About Subsurface Utility Engineering

As the name suggests, subsurface utility engineering (SUE) is an engineering practice dedicated to establishing the location of buried utilities. That’s what gives the foundation for decision-making around the construction blueprint/design. It also allows the designer to work on essential decisions related to coordination, accommodation, and utility relocation. Concisely, utility engineering cuts down project risks and eliminates any disarrays in the future. Other than that, it also helps cut down the overall cost, making the whole project cost-effective. 

However, the results vary and depend upon the way of implementation. Not every SUE program is designed the same way; there are certain considerations involved that ensure the risk is managed and the return on investment is realized. 

Subsurface Utility Engineering

What Can You Expect From A Subsurface Utility Engineering Program?

SUE is based on the CI/ASCE 38-02 Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data. For those who don’t know, it provides a framework that’s responsible for evaluating the integrity of data based on the following four Quality Levels:

  1. Quality Level D (QL-D)

This is where we get the information from existing records and oral collections. 

  1. Quality Level C (QL-C)

On this level, the information is obtained by surveys and plots that are visible on the ground. With the help of professional judgment, the information is then correlated with QL-D information. 

  1. Quality Level B (QL-B)

This is where the professional determine the existence and horizontal position of subsurface utilities within the decided limit. Technologies like Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic (EM) can come in handy as they can accurately detect underground assets. 

  1. Quality Level A (QL-A)

Often called daylighting, QL-A is where we get the utility’s precise vertical and horizontal location. Not only that, but we also get information like its type, size, condition, and material. 

Is It Practical To Customize A Subsurface Utility Engineering Program To Fit A Specific Requirement?

The answer would be a definite yes! This is something that makes this program the backbone of utility detection. The subsurface utility engineering programs work from project to project. However, there are some things/questions you should keep in mind. Here are some of them: 

  • Are there any potential risks associated with the utility location? 
  • What level of utility information should be evaluated to manage the risks like overruns and design delays?
  • Will, there be excavations, and if so, what would be the depth? 
  • If utilities are not where they are supposed to be, how far are we willing to go?
  • Are there any inconsistencies that the team should be aware of? 

At Last 

That’s everything you should know about subsurface utility engineering. However, if you feel like something is missing or need help with certain aspects, please contact us at Line Locators. Our team and technicians would be happy to assist you.

How To Hire A Professional Private Utility Locating Company?

If you require a private utility locating company, you’re on the right page with us. As you know, excavation of buried utilities underneath the ground is a crucial yet sophisticated task. Also, there are endless risks involved with such a complex procedure. Whether it’s your commercial or residential project, you need to be highly active when giving underground line locators space to handle the fieldwork. 


Benefits Of Employing Professional Utility Locating Services:


Proper servicing is important in such a job as a single default that may put you in extreme trouble. As such, a surface includes varied pipes & lines. Some of them are water lines, electricity lines, gas lines, telecommunication cables, sewer lines, and much more. To complete these tasks up to the remarkable end, you need to connect with the professionals who follow systemized approaches with advanced features. 


Here are profitable outcomes that one may encounter after giving space to the right technicians for the important projects. 


  • Advanced Application: For successful results, two aspects are highly essential for all types of projects. These two aspects are none other than the proven methodology and correct application. The professional utility locators would always count on the innovative & extremely latest technology to ensure desirable outputs. Hence, in this way, the legal & documentary requirements can be met with complete underground facilities protection if locating services are of top-quality. 


  • Professional Knowledge: Expertise hands-on understanding can make the entire process comfortable and eliminate the extreme risks involved in that. As a result, going ahead with the proficient locating service provider will help get extensive field expertise. 


  • Quality Results: Definitely, the fieldwork’s quality and accuracy do get count when you give space to masters. The skilled hands will never compromise with the work quality, and also their every step would be on fingertips & so accurate. Another benefit of hiring them is they deeply inspect the underground anomalies and make you achieve what you seek. 


  • Systemized Approaches: Yes, the professional technicians use the hands-on and safest process to complete the work with utmost precision, accuracy, and quality. This is one reason why the locating services result in dependable, reliable, and quick completion with pinpoint accuracy. 


  • Specializations: Since finding cables vary in their natures and hence require diverse specialization for great results. Therefore, the specialized utility locating company would be the right choice because they comprise specialized technicians in specific job types.


Summing Up! 

The above post sums up the crucial information about how the professional private utility locating company can ease the entire process with successful results. We hope we informed you with valuable information through this post that may help you make appropriate future decisions. Also, we want to inform you that we are a leading line locating company specializing in all types of locating services. Our motive is to serve you ultimately with the latest technology and successful results. You may check out our webpage, Line Locators, to contact us today.