Sewer Line Locating Services In Leesburg VA

Sewer line locator is an important consideration if you are planning any type of project that requires the movement of contaminated water. It doesn’t matter if you’re developing a commercial property or adding a bathroom to your home, Line Locators has the expertise to provide you with accurate information regarding the location of sewer lines.

Locating the sewer pipe can pose some unusual problems image source. Not only is it buried relatively deep in the ground, but it’s also often made of non-magnetic material such as concrete, clay, or plastic. In many cases, there are several different types of pipe in the same system under one property. This is why, at Line Locators, we use the most advanced technology available for underground pipe locating. Our ground-penetrating radar (GPR) can ‘see’ into the subsurface and reveal what lies beneath. This allows us to make highly accurate measurements of a pipe’s position, regardless of the material it’s made of, or it’s depth.

Reason Why Use Sewer Line Locator Professionals

Another reason for using professional utility line locators is the inaccuracy of paper records. Pipes might very well have been added or removed without being reported. A sewer pipes location may have been determined by taking measurements from a fixed structure that has since been removed or using a method that would not measure up to modern standards. Our GPR system eliminates any guesswork and provides you with accurate, up-to-date data so you can plan without guesswork.

Any type of technology, however, is only as good as the person using it. Because of this, Line Locator technicians are properly trained on the use of GPR and how to correctly interpret the information it provides. They are required to meet nationally recognized standards for utility line locators, including the use of GPR, and take great pride in their work as well.

Important Points to Know About Sewer Line Locating

The importance of knowing the location of sewer lines has to do with cost-effective planning. It’s not just about preventing damage when digging, though that is critical. When you’re designing within a budget, having as much information as possible will benefit you in the long run and avoid costly modifications. For example, say you decide to add a bathroom to the west side of your house. After you have your plans were drawn up and your materials purchased you find out that the nearest accessible sewer connection is on the east side of the house, 50 feet away. The added expense of installing that much sewer pipe might have just made the project impractical. If you had known where the pipe was beforehand you could have planned to put the bathroom on the east side of the house instead, or at least been prepared for the increased cost.

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The planning stage of your project doesn’t have to be riddled with guesswork. Current and detailed information about what’s going on beneath your feet will give you a firm foundation to build on. Sewer line Locator is just one of the many utility line location services we offer at Line Locators. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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