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Line Locators Inc. has over 20 years of experience in utility locating and water leak detection in Maryland. We recognize the importance of swiftly identifying and addressing utility issues to ensure optimal efficiency and safety. Our expert water leak detection company and line-locating experts have the experience to accurately identify water leaks and locating utilities for construction projects and other commercial applications.

Top Rated Utility Locating Services in Maryland

Utility locating is the primary defense against potential hazards and disruptions. Line Locators Inc. has a dedicated team equipped with advanced technology and cutting-edge equipment to ensure precise underground utility location. Our skilled utility locators specialize in accurately identifying gas, water, and electrical lines, thereby mitigating the risk of costly accidents and damages during construction. Our comprehensive utility locating services extend across Maryland, catering to diverse industries.

Top Rated Leak Detection Services in Maryland

Identifying water leaks promptly can be a challenging task with devastating consequences if not done quickly and properly. Our rapid response team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee accurate leak detection before the problem persists. Our meticulous approach involves careful identification and swift resolution of leaks to prevent further damage and minimize downtime. Read our success stories and client testimonials to gain insights into the value of our efficient leak detection services.

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With years of industry expertise, Line Locators Inc is DMV’s reliable choice for utility locating and water leak detection services, just read our online reviews. Our licensed and certified professionals uphold the highest service standards to guarantee your satisfaction. Each of our technicians are highly trained for safety and efficiency and are equipped with customized solutions for various industries, tailored to each client’s unique needs.



Utility locating is essential to avoid potential risks and hazards associated with damaging underground utilities. If you don’t locate utilities before a construction project, it can cause accidents, costly repairs, or service disruptions.

We employ advanced technology and methodologies, including ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction, to ensure precise and reliable utility locating.

Timely leak detection is crucial to prevent further damage and minimize downtime. The longer it takes to detect a leak, the more likely you will experience property damage, increased repair costs, and environmental impact.

We Serve Clients Throughout Maryland

Line Locators Inc. proudly serves clients in Maryland, ensuring that our utility locating and leak detection services are accessible to a wide range of industries. Explore our service map to see the extensive coverage areas we cater to.

Are you ready to secure your project with reliable utility locating and leak detection services? Contact Line Locators Inc. today for customized solutions tailored to your needs. Trust us to safeguard your operations and infrastructure with precision and efficiency. Call us at 888-256-7917 or email

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