We focus on providing high-quality locating services that will not only meet legal and regulatory requirements, but will truly protect your underground facilities.

underground utility locator services

Utility Locator Services

If you’re a Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland resident or business and you need to locate something buried underground, we have the extensive field … continue reading

underground pipe locator schematic sketched on to concrete

Concrete Scanning

Line Locators can quickly locate rebar, find conduits and identify post-tension cables before it’s too late.Drilling or cutting through concrete floors… continue reading

leak detection through video pipeline inspection

Video Pipeline Inspection

Video Pipeline Inspection is a “no-dig” technology and one of the most versatile services Line Locators, Inc offers. By sending a specially made fiber… continue reading

private utility locating services

GPR Utility Locating

Line Locators can quickly locate – in real-time – underground utilities with our highly-advanced, highly-accurate Ground Penetrating Radar technology… continue reading

cable detector being used to locate underground cable

Electrical Fault Locating

You may need to locate an electrical fault if your electrical breaker is constantly popping and needs to be reset. Or you lose power to pool equipment… continue reading

running smoke through a pipe as a method of leak detection

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing refers to physical tests made to closed systems of pipes to detect cracks, breaks and sewer odors espanolfarm.com.It’s done by forcing forcing non-toxic… continue reading

burst pipe where leak detection should have been used

Leak Detection

High water bill? Mold, mildew, or water damage? You might have a leak! Our professional, affordable, expert leak detection services use state-of-the-art…. continue reading