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room flooding due to lack of water pipe leak detection

Winter Mold Risks

Infrared imaging from Line Locators is an efficient, nondestructive method of detecting areas of moisture in walls where mold is likely to form. Homes can be especially vulnerable to moisture and mold during the winter… continue reading

a burst pipe that could have been prevented by leak detection services

Winterize Your Pipes

As the cold wintery weather approaches, there are certain precautions that you should take. When water freezes, it expands, and the same holds true for water in pipes. If the water expands enough, the pipes can even burst… continue reading

a pvc pipe locator

Video Pipe Inspection

At Line Locators, one of our most versatile services is video pipeline inspection. We use a high resolution fiber optic camera that’s attached to a flexible rod to inspect the line. What are the benefits of video pipeline…
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rebar showing why you should use an underground locator service

Concrete Scanner for Rebar Locating

If you have a concrete structure, most likely it’s supported with rebar. Rebar is short for reinforcing bar and it’s made of either a steel bar or mesh of steel wires. While concrete has been used in construction… continue reading

City Planning with Underground Utility Lines 1

When to Use an Underground Utility Locator

The City of San Diego is currently working on a project called the Utility Underground Program, with which it plans to relocate 15 miles of utility lines underground each year. The goal is to create safer abra isto
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leaks that could have been prevented by a pipe locator

How Little Leaks Can Cause Big Problems

Last week, we discussed the sources of mold and the areas of your home that are most vulnerable. Today, we have this handy diagram from the Indoor Air Health Advisor to give you an idea of how easy… continue reading

room flooding due to lack of water pipe leak detection

What Causes Mold?

Even if you don’t know much about mold, you’ll know that if an inspector tell you that it’s in your house, that’s not a good sign. But where did it come from? There are a number of sources of mold, and getting… continue reading