Leak Detection

High water bill? Mold, mildew, or water damage? Adding water to your pool? You might have a leak! Our professional, affordable, expert leak detection services use state-of-the-art technology second-to-none – allowing us to find leaks quickly and with pinpoint-accuracy.

For non-destructive, non-intrusive leak detection in N. Virginia, Maryland, and DC, trust the experts at Line Locators to get the job done right.

Regardless of where your leak may be – 15 feet underground, under a slab, behind a wall – we will find it, it’s what we do best! Thousands of homeowners and businesses have trusted Line Locators for all of their leak detection needs in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

Regardless of what is causing your leak, we will find it:

  • Pool leak detection (commercial/residential)
  • Clogged sewer lines
  • Cracked pipes
  • Collapsed pipes
  • Corroded pipes
  • Tree root intrusion

We have performed thousands of leak detection service calls for homeowners and businesses throughout the greater N. Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas – often after high recommendation of a local water leak repair expert. Our use of the latest advancement in leak detection equipment allows us to find leaks with the highest level of accuracy. Save time, save money, and save your property with our professional leak detection services.

pvc pipe locator

Verify what is leaking in your pool with 100% accuracy! Just follow these simple steps…

The Pump Test

  • ​Please test the pool with the pump running and with the pump off, the longer the better, 24 hours is GREAT but overnight is ok.
  • The pool must be filled to the normal operating level for each test, the time-tested must be the same.
  • Mark the side of the pool with a pencil or tape, noting the time and date. You may want to fill a 2 cup measuring cup with one cup of water and put out near the pool. This will fill with water if it rains and evaporates the same as the pool.

This test is simple, yet critical. It will save me time and you money.

Results: If the pool loses water during the pump-on phase, it means the returns, pool cleaner (Polaris) or pressure side of the system is leaking ( check backwash line ). If the pool loses more water during the pump-off phase the suction (skimmers) or main drain is leaking. If it loses water regardless if the pump is running or not, it means the structure is leaking IE; light/crack/vinyl liner/skimmer throat where the tile meets the plastic skimmer basket joint (skimmer throat leak) hydrostatic valve in the base of pool or may be in the main drain body.