Ground Penetrating Radar Utility Locating

Line Locators can quickly locate – in real-time – underground utilities with our highly-advanced, highly-accurate Ground Penetrating Radar technology.

Our GPR systems can quickly identify and mark the location and depth of service utilities – both metallic and non-metallic:

  • Gas lines
  • Communication lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Storage tanks
  • PVC pipes
  • And more!

Relying on paper records of buried utilities can be dangerous. On the rare occasions you’re able to find paper records of buried utilities they can often be hundreds of years old and inaccurate; with utilities being added (and even abandoned) without proper record. Why take the risk of damaging utilities and increasing the time and cost of your project? Our GPR utility locating services like PVC pipe locator will accurately identify the location and depth of any utilities and underground anomalies.

Our GPR utility scanning & PVC pipe locator is one of the most safest, accurate ways to scan concrete for rebar, utilities, and underground utilities. We can pinpoint any embedments within your concrete structures prior to the cutting or coring.

gpr data for a pipe locator
rebar locator and cable locator marked on concrete