Electric Line Locator

You may need to locate an electrical fault if your electrical breaker is constantly popping and needs to be reset.

Or you lose power to pool equipment, a well, outdoor lighting, etc. Or your electrical in-ground dog fence isn’t working. These could be an indication that you have a broken wire or a ground fault.

Using our Electric Line Locator equipment, we induce a dedicated signal on the broken wire.

This signal travels into the ground and we use an A-Frame antenna that tells us exactly where the ground fault is located and its depth.

Types of Electrical Faults

  • Cable faults
  • Broken wires in the ground (ground faults)
  • Broken wires in the wall
  • Screening faults
  • Phase faults
  • Sheath faults
  • Faults due to moisture
  • Disruptions
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electric line locator