Don’t Neglect The Importance Of Premier Utility Locating Services

Safety is one of the major concerns for everyone. Whenever you start a project that involves digging, it is mandatory to connect with the professionals offering premier utility locating services. As it is not a DIY task, finding underground can only be handled by professionals who are knowledgeable about using different tools and equipment.

private utility locating

Understand the Private Utility Lines:

There was a time when everything was above the ground, whether it was a water tank system or electrical wire. But the current situation is different; most of the things are underground. Due to an increase in the population, there is an increase in utilities. Technology has made everything more accessible. When we talk about private underground utilities, you must be wondering what private utility lines are? So, let’s see the various types of underground lines:

  • Electricity line
  • gas line
  • septic pipes
  • propane line
  • storm drains
  • other electrical power for gas heating, detached garage, and many more.

Premier Utility Locating Services:

There are various ways of premier utility locating, but Ground Penetrating Radar is considered one of the best ways which gives correct information about the location of utilities.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) basics:

This type of tool uses radio waves to detect underground utilities. It is one of the best detection systems that help in identifying buried components easily. One can use this device for locating metal, plastic, aluminum, and many more.

Nowadays, various other GPR uses are mine site excavation, investigation, locating hidden components, buried cables, ice density, and many more.

How does it work?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) practices a high-frequency radio sign transferred into the area beneath the ground, and reflected signs are returned to the receiver and stored on digital media. The professional; record the signal in the form of a pulse that indicates n their machines, which helps locate the utilities.

Other techniques are: 

Vacuum Excavation:  This technique is hardly used because it involves digging of any area, and many people consider it a loss of their property. Vacuum is used to suction all the dust and dirt of surrounding areas.

Electromagnetic Detection (EM) – identifies the electromagnetic radio frequencies transmitted by conductive elements.

Concrete Scanning: It helps in locating pipes and cables enclosed with concrete materials.


The underground utilities are important things to consider before starting any digging projects. Otherwise, they can create a massive mess in your place as well as lives. Because the danger of electric current creates accidents at the working site, also gives you loss of expense. Therefore, to prevent all such uncertainties, feel free to connect with us. We at Line Locators offer a wide range of private utility locating services to help you with what you are looking for. We use high-grade (GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar) private utility locating technology to pinpoint efficiency.