moisture can lead to problems

infrared imaging

Infrared imaging from Line Locators is an efficient, nondestructive method of detecting areas of moisture in walls where mold is likely to form.

Homes can be especially vulnerable to moisture and mold during the summer and winter. The conditions for mold formation depend on the moisture content, available nutrients and temperature.

Typically, mold should not grow inside unless there are moisture problems. Moisture can occur at places where the warm, heated air indoors comes in to contact with cold surfaces. Likewise in the summer when air conditioners are blasting cold air through the ducts and the hot air outside the ducts causes condensation.

Where the warm meets cold, water vapor condenses and builds on the surfaces, creating the ideal conditions for mold growth. Kitchens and bathrooms are also more vulnerable. 

If you suspect that there’s a moisture issue in your walls or if you need water pipe leak detection services, contact us.