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Line Locators, Inc. was originally conceived in California, then transplanted to NOVA. We’ve been based in Leesburg, VA for about 20 years. We started as a private utility locating company then added leak detection. After a handful of years as a franchise location of a national leak detection company, we decided to go back to our small business roots where we weren’t bound by big business motivations. Now we can provide quality locating and leak detection services to homeowners and businesses like yours.
We have several trucks on the road in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and WDC area, so if you see us, honk and wave. As a locally owned and operated business, we are neighbors, so give us a call if you need us.

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Line Locator In Leesburg VA

Line Locators Inc. collects verified information allowing you to make informed, timely and cost effective decisions. We verify the location of underground utilities and other buried anomalies using a systematic, proven process and the latest technology.

We specialize in non-destructive and non-invasive detection of everything from rebar and post-tension cables to power lines and underground utilities.

Line Locators’ services include locating underground plastic, water pipe leak detection, metal, transit pipe and cables; evidence location for police, and locating buried drums.

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